Cancer can be defeated

Djordje J.

Facing an illness like cancer is always a traumatic experience no matter if it strikes you or someone you love. This is, in most of the cases terminal illness and it is incredibly hard on the emotional side to tackle such a problem. I had the chance to suffer that kind of a nasty surprise when my mother got sick and that was by far the hardest moment of my life so far. The very prospect of losing someone you love so much is simply devastating. It paralyzes you and faces you with despair beyond anything imaginable in normal circumstances. The shock was complete and the entire family was facing the unimaginable.

surviving cancer motivation

photo: mnsc

The situation was particularly bad since she was diagnosed with a very aggressive ductal type of breast cancer which spreads very quickly and is in most of the cases fatal even in second stage. Her case was in a third stage and that meant that she almost stood no chance to live more than two to three months more. The mastectomy was scheduled in a hurry and that left little time for any kind of preparation. Basically, she was running a race that was almost certainly lost and that was something that was very disturbing and troubling for all of us. Still, there was a small chance that she will get better and we all stuck to the belief that the cancer can be survived. The support was very important to her and it was obvious that it meant a lot to her. My siblings and I turned to be of a quite tough material and we have joined our forces to support her and make her get through it. Constant cheering slowly brought the smile back on her face and although the chances to survive cancer were slim she never gave up. Even the slightest sign that she feels down was a reason enough to start joking and turning her mind from the illness. All three of us gave everything we could and suddenly she was not afraid of the surgery and of the possibility of death.

She took the procedure pretty well and was on her feet in just two days. Of course, we were in the hospital every single day and continued with supporting and cheering her. This might sound a bit strange, but we simply weren’t giving her any time to think about the bad things. This can often put a man in a circle of despair that is often more damaging than the illness itself. So, although we were all pretty scarred of the possible terminal outcome, we were persuading her that she can survive cancer no matter what the doctors say.

After that, there was a period while she was really weak due to the chemotherapy and the radiation séances she was put through and that was the trickiest part. Weak and tormented, she was in bed most of the time. We continued to spend every single moment with her. Even when she was asleep one of us was beside her and we were trying to keep her spirits up.That lasted for several months and the battle with the wicked illness was really exhausting for all of us. After that, all we could do was to wait and see if the cancer will reappear. Luckily, some 12 years from that point of time she is still healthy and with no recidives. Thanks to the proper treatment, heavy support and the undying faith that she can survive cancer, the battle was won for good.