Chaga The birch fungus for cancer treatment

Chaga The Miracle fungus that can cure cancer

Tinder fungus, Chaga, Birch fungus, the most potent anti-oxidant known to man. 

Chaga – (Inonotus Obliquus)  In Hymenochaetaceae family of fungus, is reported to be used for centuries for medicinal purposes.  Documented well before the time of Christ, ancient Asian folk medicine practitioners used Chaga to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Widely known throughout Asia as the most important Herb.

chaga to cure cancer fungus

Chaga on birch tree
photo:Charles de Mille-Isles

Also called “the king of herbs”  One of the oldest documented herbs on record.

There Has been a lot of research conducted throughout the years on the Chaga, AKA birch mushroom. If only Chaga was given the  recognition that it deserves in the field of mainstream medicine, cancer may not be nearly as bad as it now is.  Chaga grows on mature birch trees. It is different than any other mushroom that I am aware of, in that it will grow for up to 20 years before it is harvested.  The Chaga mushroom will pull the nutrients from the birch tree and collect them within itself. Just think 20 years worth of collecting in just one little mushroom. That is what makes this such a powerful tool against cancer. It has baffled researchers for some time, and they did not believe what this mushroom was capable of. This led to  many medical researchers Going to Siberia to examine the validity of its cancer claims.  A medical team found out that although there was a lot of talk about cancer in this place, not even a single cancer patient was admitted in any of its hospitals. They also found out that the Russian peasants, were brewing Chaga mushrooms in a tea, because they wanted to save money on coffee.  Unknowingly, they were able to treat or prevent cancer by drinking this Chaga tea daily.

People should not be afraid of using chaga,  it is safe and does not leave negative side effects like chemotherapy and radiation treatments. It is absolutely a safe and proven cancer treatment that can help with the healing of cancer patients.

Chaga has several beneficial components such as:

  • Melanin
  • Polysaccharides
  • Betulin
  • Phytosterols
  • lanosterols. 

  Melanin is the chemical substance that give Chaga the highest antioxidant levels among all known natural substances. These others are the main active ingredients of Chaga. They are mushroom carbohydrates that increases energy levels, also improve the functions of the liver and brain. Betulin is the substance within the mushroom that kills the cancer cells. Studies have also shown no negative effects on the current healthy cells within the body. These substances all work together to suppress the growth of cancer cells.

The Benefits of Chaga:

Frankly it seems like chaga has nothing but benefits, but I will lay them all out here for your consideration.

  • Kills cancer cells with no negative effects on the body (unlike chemotherapy)
  • Can be used in conjunction with chemotherapy to mitigate the negative effects
  • Can be burned similar to an incense to alleviate the pain of headaches

Since the 16th century, chaga mushrooms were recorded as being used in folk medicine and the botanical medicine of many European countries as a cure for cancer, ulcers, tuberculosis of the bones and gastritis.

Chaga is ground up with a cheese grader and usually used in tea. Strain it using a coffee strainer. You should allow the chaga to boil for some time in order to get maximum strength out of it.  Please be sure to consult a professional before using chaga or any type of medication.