Fly Agaric Mushroom Has potential for Cancer Treatment

The Amanita Muscaria aka Fly Agaric Mushroom

fly agarith or Amanita muscaria this mushroom can cure cancer

photo: Stu Phillips

It is a large white-gilled, white-spotted, usually red mushroom, one of the most recognizable and widely encountered in popular culture. Although many substances found in fungi are registered as drugs to support chemotherapy and treatments for cancer, the fly Agaric shows particular potential.  Apparently you have to ferment it in sugar water for up to 2 weeks. The mushroom consumes the sugar and becomes a potential cancer fighter. This has not been proven, but it does show promise.   These are commonly used by some cultures to promote hallucinations.

The Amanita Muscaria is somewhat poisonous in its natural form. Heat is actually good for Fly Agaric.  Heating them in the oven will catalyse a reaction that turns any ibotenic acid into mucimol which can be beneficial to the body. fly agaric tincture cancer fighting cure

The ancient Siberians claimed to cure cancer with this mushroom. It can be purchased in a few forms, including tinctures and creams. There are a lot of ways that people say to use these, but I have no experience with these. I can only offer the little I have gathered recently. You should be careful if you decide to try to use this mushroom, and should research more before drawing any conclusions.

I found a bottle of tincture available online made by Herbalterra. This is a 4 oz bottle selling for $29.99

russian amanita muscaria creamI also found a Russian store selling Fly Agaric creams. These are used for all sorts of stuff. Here is what the Russian page says about it. This is translated using google translation.

Effect due to the presence of the active cream of mushroom extract. As shown by recent studies scholars, this fungus with an evil reputation can be extremely useful to humans. 
biological active substances contained in the fly agaric, stimulate blood circulation and prevent blood stagnation. This reduces swelling and leaves a feeling of fatigue, and the veins and capillaries are much better able to cope with their work.”   See that site here.

The Most popular consensus seems to be fermenting the mushrooms and making them either into a drink, or using it as a tincture. The fermentation process makes them relatively safe.

Use this information however you wish but don’t hold me responsible for misuse, side effects or any harm that might come from its usage.  However you plan to use it this is a really great looking mushroom that is very common all over the world.