Top Ten List of Natural Cancer Cures?

The 10 Best Possible “Natural” Cancer Cures

Top ten Natural cancer curesAre there natural cancer cures? That question lies on top of the question of if there are cures at all. The 10 best 10 comprise the article, but care and treatment is the responsibility of you and your personal doctor, physician or medicine man.

Cancer is a serious subject and requires a serious understanding of its affects, curability rates and treatment options. Some cancers are easily detectable and quickly treatable, while others are aggressive, elusive and deadly. Understanding cancer causes, rates and risks are a part of seeking cancer cures.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) generates periodic reports outlining national cancer statistics. This report includes mortality rates, state level scrutiny and even ratings by state. Examination of cancer by age and sex is important. Lifestyle receives investigation as well, along with other parameters.

An examination of the top ten cancers report produced by the CDC shows an alarming number regarding the top ten. Among the ten are prostate, lung, colon, liver, lymphoma, stomach, bladder, pharynx, kidney and pancreas. For example, Prostate cancer among males is 125 per 100,000 people regardless of ethnicity. Black males suffer prostate cancer at an alarming 215.5.

 Without further adieu, the 10 best possible natural cancer cures

As the ten make their way to the forefront, perhaps it is best to segregate natural cures into two types. The natural cure approach comprises one of these two segments.


  1. Alternative medicinal – the segment of pseudo-medicinal cures involves a physical curative approach to cancer treatment. From the website cancer tutor, here is a list of highly mentioned treatments.
    1. Liquid Diet – the popularity of this treatment comes from the number of people who suffer from cancer and cannot process whole foods. One of them, “Cesium Chloride”, purports to be a part of natural medicine over the years. The other is “Bob Wright” protocol. The interesting annotation of this protocol is its alkaline quality. Several nutritionists have made the theory of alkaline diets almost mainstream. The reason stated is that an “acidic” system can cause many ailments, such as inflammation, arthritis, headaches and more. Reducing the acid (by alkaline) claims to reduce acidic systems and slow the growth of malignant cells.
    2. Synergistic – Organic Sulfur has a property that allows it to work well with existing chemotherapy treatments. The warning to talk to a physician is always prevalent, but combining natural with medicinal is the approach of this stated cure.
    3. Electro medicine protocols – photon treatment while the patient sleeps for 2 to 8 hours provides this “frequency generator” with the capability of reportedly converting cancer cells to normal cells.
    4. Plasma-Beck – this is a combination of two treatments namely targeting melanoma, carcinoma and uterine cancer.
    5. The Bob Write Protocol of Ionized water. This protocol employs the use of high PH water (ionized) to heighten alkalinity in the body.


Although it does not show in the five above, the “dirt cheap” protocol is just what it sounds like. The writer on cancer tutor states that patients suffer financial strain in the other protocols and recommends the dirt cheap as a finishing punch of the cancer.


  1. The Natural Approach– this involves “in nature” treatments that seem so common that it may be hard to believe they cure such deadly cancers. However, they deserve a nod due to infamous nature. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America uses some of the top natural approaches to treatment.


  1. Chiropractic Care – chiropractic care is generally regarded as a natural way to alleviate pain and discomfort due to bone and tissue stress or misalignment in the body. In this vernacular, chiropractic serves to alleviate stress and tension brought on my standard cancer treatments such as radiology.
  2. Acupuncture – acupuncture exists from ancient China and uses sterile needles to generate energy or “chi” within the body. This approach integrates with other methods of energy balancing and production, theorizing that an energy imbalance can aggravate disease susceptibility.
  3. Spiritual – one of the fascinating approaches to cancer treatment is spiritual support. This care is combined with the traditional treatments as a way to assist the spirit of the individual during that time of duress. Prayer, counseling and ministry come into play, in addition to baptisms, weddings and funerals.
  4. Naturopathic medicine – these clinicians use natural and non-toxic forms of treatment in part or completely with standard medicinal treatments. Among the treatment types are hydrotherapy, acupuncture, dietary supplements, plant extracts and others. It is the appropriation of “known” items in a way that stimulates treatment and wellness.

10. Nutrition therapy – finally yet very importantly,dietitians will use the patient diet and organize it in a way that promotes healthier lifestyle choices and better diet. A mixture of monitoring and diet gives the patient treatment during the traditional care and provides a lasting change structure for when the patient returns to normal life.

While the title suggests the 10 best possible natural cures for cancer, the list is subjective as would be any curative approach to what can be such a deadly disease. Since a half century ago, the number per capita of cancer patients is on the rise with no sign of reversal. Scientists, oncologists, homeopathic doctors and dieticians are grappling with the causes. Some report environmental concerns. Others state that the human diet has changed so drastically that the body cannot maintain the change. For example, how many fast food places can you name from the 1950’s? Processed food and nutrition-deficient foods are guilty of harm.

 Let us not forget prevention

The level of stress on the average adult is at a record number. Gone are the days of 40-hour work weeks and weekends off. There are two income homes, latchkey children and the ever present “keeping up with the Joneses”.  In this fast-paced society, we often spend our time treating illness in a reactionary way as opposed to preventing it with lifestyle choices such as exercise and diet. If you or someone you now is undergoing cancer treatment or has hereditary or other concerns, ask your doctor or physician if there is a natural cancer cure protocol for you or your loved one.